Worship & Faith

Looking for a deeper connection?

Our congregation gathers each Sunday as a community of all ages and cultures to Worship and to live out our faith together.

We gather together most importantly to worship God;

to offer our praise and thanks and to bring in prayer our hurts and concerns.

We gather together to listen and await God’s call upon our lives.

We also gather to support one another as a community; to encourage, support and uphold one another in both worship and service.

Special services are held at various times throughout the year.  For example, on Easter morning, we have a Dawn Service to celebrate the incoming light of Christ as the dawn breaks.  This service is held at the Wallan Church.  Other special services include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Holy Week services (including an Ecumenical Stations of the Cross walk through Craigieburn on Good Friday morning).

Our worship services have a set flow to them:

call to worship, hymn of praise, confession and assurance of pardon, children’s time (or Early Word), scripture readings and sermon, hymns and prayers for others before seeking God’s guidance as we leave to be God’s people in the world.

After the service we share a cuppa and a time of fellowship together.

St Thomas' Services

Family Worship: Sundays @ 10:00 am

Wallan Services

Sunday Worship: 

Uniting Church services: 

After December 15th, 2019 all services will be held at St Thomas', Craigieburn at 10:00 am, with Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month.