Our History

St Thomas’ Uniting Church began its life as "St Thomas’ Church Centre" in 1970. 

Although in those early days we were part of the Broadmeadows Methodist Circuit, we were the only Protestant church in Craigieburn.  As such, we intentionally opened our doors to people belonging to all Protestant denominations.

The unique set up of our building stems from the fact that from 1970 to the early 1980s, our ministers and their families lived at what is now considered to be the 'back' of the church.  What are now the Sunday School and meeting rooms were originally bedrooms, with the largest meeting room being the original Worship space.  The current Worship Centre and foyer were added on to the original building in 1987.

It has been suggested that the name St Thomas’ was chosen because it was doubted that we would endure (Thomas being known as Doubting Thomas). However, we would want to claim St Thomas for his ability not to take things at face value.

He was the disciple described in John’s Gospel as not being with the others when the risen Christ appeared before them on Easter Day. He told the others that unless he saw the marks of the crucifixion he would not believe. A week later he was with the others, when Jesus again appeared to them. On seeing the Risen Crucified One he proclaimed: “My Lord and my God!” We believe that faithful questioning is essential to a living faith in Christ, and that the marks of crucifixion are still visible in any authentic experience of resurrection.

St Thomas is the traditional founder of the Church in India; as such we can also see him as a link to the multi-cultural community that is in Craigieburn.