Baptism is the initiation of a person into the Christian Church, a community whose primary purpose is to worship God and serve Christ in the world.

It is therefore necessary that parents who want their baby baptised, or people seeking baptism for themselves, will share in worship with the congregation in which the baptism is to be lived out.

Preparation for baptism includes:

  • Attendance at worship, so that you may get to know the community into which baptism is requested.
  • Careful reflection on the meaning of Baptism.
  • Working through the content of the Service of Baptism with the Minister, taking note of the promises to be made (see below).
  • A request to the Church Council for the baptism to take place.
  • A final meeting with the Minister and Elder to rehearse the service details.

Baptism is only the beginning of a life-long involvement in the life of the Church.
If the person baptised is to develop fully in the faith, the ongoing involvement and commitment by the person and the congregation is essential.

Service of Baptism

Questions that will be asked during the baptism service:

What do you ask of God’s Church for your child?

We ask that he/she be baptised into the faith and family of Jesus Christ.

Do you believe that in Jesus Christ, God reaches out to the world in love?

We do

Do you believe that in Jesus Christ, God frees us from the power of evil, and calls us to live in the power of hope?

We do

Following the baptism:


N and N, I ask you now to respond to God’s graciousness to N by making these solemn promises:

Will you encourage N’s growth within the Christian community, guiding him/her through participation in the worship, nurture and fellowship of the Church to a mature Christian faith?

With God’s help, we will.

Will you, by word and example, teach him/her the way of Christ until the Spirit draws him/her to make his/her own response in faith and love?

With God’s help, we will.