Arrangements for Weddings

Craigieburn-Wallan Uniting Church offers inclusive marriage services. Whether you are an opposite-sex or a same-sex couple, the marriage rite used declares that marriage is between two people. Our minister is available for weddings in either of the churches, or at other locations.

1. Eligibility and legal requirements

You are not required to be members of the Church. Naturally it is expected that couples will take seriously the Uniting Church’s understanding of marriage, as outlined in The Marriage Service. Certain legal requirements apply to any marriage. A notice of intention to marry must be lodged with the minister at least one month before the wedding. This can be completed with the Minister at the first interview. It is required by law that the celebrant sees Birth Certificates of both parties. Other requirements will be explained during the first interview with the minister.

2. Marriage preparation

Preparation may involve up to five sessions, preferably beginning at least four months before the wedding. The sessions are:

  • Initial interview; completion of Notice of Intended Marriage. (Legally this must be completed one calendar month before the wedding).
  • A possible two sessions committed to a program known as PREPARE. PREPARE is designed to help you improve your communication, increase your trust, deepen your understanding of each other, and build up your relationship strengths.
    (Note: A separate processing fee is charged by the PREPARE organisation.)
  • The Wedding Service is explored in detail.
  • The Rehearsal (usually the night before the wedding).

3. The wedding day

For weddings in the church:

Music should be arranged in consultation with the minister and the church organist, if needed. The organist fee is $90.00.

Photos and Videos: We ask that no flash photographs be taken during the actual service, other than the official photographs. If your wedding is to be video-recorded, it would be helpful for the operator to attend the rehearsal. (Special video lighting is not permitted.)

Confetti is not permitted

4. Donation

A donation of $350 is requested. This can be paid to the Minister at the rehearsal. (Please note this is separate to the organist’s fee, if required)